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Hello, I’m Muriel Schiffmann! And I am originally from France. I’m passionate about baking, pastry, and plant based cuisine.

I am the former Chef and owner of a successful Boulangerie, Pâtisserie, and Café…

…For over 20 years now, I have been involved in the professional training of bakers, pastry chefs, and vegetarian foodies in France, the USA, Mexico, and internationally…

…I’m very excited to share, with you, what I’ve learned on this wonderful journey…

Thank you and I hope you enjoy and savor your journey as much as I have!


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About me... 

My name is Muriel Schiffmann, and I am a native of France. I am the founder, head chef & lead instructor of the Vegan Foodie Project.

I now call Miami, and Florida, my home. Previously a musicology instructor, piano enthusiast and player, I attended culinary arts school in Paris, and then became a full-time chef and culinary instructor in 2002. When I’m not spending time with my wonderful kids and husband, I am passionate about teaching and writing about my fascination with baking, pastry, and plant based cuisine. I also love to visit new and upcoming vegan foodie concepts, both at home and while abroad, and really enjoy sharing them with you on our blog. I believe in eating healthy, and delicious, plant based meals! Read more

Let’s bake, cook and make vegan pastries together!


At the Vegan Foodie Project, we want to teach you real, useful, life transforming cuisine, baking and pastry skills, that you will not only use to improve the quality of your health & life, but that of your close ones...  And perhaps also, your clientele... These skills will also enhance and improve your community, and your region, by adding to it a very interesting mix of high quality and luxurious vegan products, that will help attract a niche clientele, and enhance their local experiences!

About the Vegan Foodie Project...

Our Simple Philosophy:

For us, taste and hedonistic pleasure always comes first, presentation and aesthetics later…

Food has to always taste better than it looks…

So that at its tasting, and eating, it is a pleasant surprise and experience, rather than a disappointment…

It is a choice we constantly make when working on a new creation, or when preparing an interpretation of a traditional recipe….

We are into good, tasty, wholesome, and delicious food… Above anything else!


The Backstory:

After our traditional culinary training and education in France, we became vegetarians for quite a few years…

…We discovered, explored, and became very comfortable with the meat free diet and lifestyle…

…Four years ago, our eldest child decided to become vegan…  It was an adventure of sorts for us, searching for dishes to prepare, and meals to eat…

Little by little, we entered into this new world of flavors and possibilities, with a full palette of ingredients provided by Mother Nature, that we did not know existed!


The Journey:

Go along on this journey with us to find, try, and transform the foods, dishes, and drinks we love into plant based delicious versions of them… And to do so without sacrificing the taste and pleasure they give us…

…And also to transform them into more wholesome, sustainable, and ecological meals….

…It is a win, win, win proposition: better for our enjoyment, our wellness, our localized economies, and for nature and our Planet!

Come join one of our Classes, Courses or sign up for one of our Memberships!

We are passionate foodies & committed to excellence, and we are very exited to transmit our knowledge and skills to you!  Come join us today in this new exciting adventure...

Mastery takes time, start NOW to begin your journey!

For questions and to learn more, contact us by email at: [email protected]


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